Finance Company Acquisition

Acquiring Finance Company (AFC): Company Acquisition

Brief Overview

Acquisitions can serve several purposes. Some of the advantages of acquisitions are: 1) elimination of a competitor; 2) obtaining a valued contract held by a competitor; and 3) add incremental profits to the company faster and cheaper than developing it in house.



AFC, a $100 Billion company, had identified an acquisition candidate and they needed help with the analysis of the acquisition.


Why Goff Associates, Inc. (GAI)?

GAI has expertise in company valuation, particularly in the financial services industry.



AFC asked GAI to prepare an analysis of the acquisition and a business plan for the company it was acquiring. Upon completion, GAI assisted the negotiators in determining the right price for the acquisition.


Once the company was acquired, AFC retained GAI to assist in the integration of the acquired company. GAI trained the executives of the acquired company on the policies and procedures of AFC and guided them through the process of developing budgets and business plans. GAI also trained the retained employees on the implementation of internal controls.


GAI also provided interim management for the Finance Department of the acquired company and assisted CFC in identifying permanent management. This included setting up the purchasing, payables, payroll, facilities, pricing, internal controls, budgeting, and analysis functions within the company.

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