What does the Future Hold?


How will Driverless Cars impact the economy?

Driverless cars will be here faster than you think. This could be another disruptive advance. The newest generation does not have the same desire to own cars and houses as generations past. They are used to buying most anything as a service. Uber is the best example and Uber is already testing driverless cars. This disruption will destroy auto makers who do not keep and and there will be clear winners in the manufacturing of the driverless cars. Think of the implications to the automotive dealer and the companies that finance vehicle purchases. They may go the way of the buggy whip makers.

How can you take advantage of the impact of Driverless Cars.

I think it is fairly clear that Google will be a leader in the Driverless car industry. Uber appears to be pivoting in that direction. A couple of manufacturers to watch are Ford and Volvo. Ford is working on teaming up with Google and Volvo has some of the most advanced Driverless cars on the market.

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