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Exit Strategies


Is it time to sell your business?

Many times life does not turn out like you planned. You spent your entire life building your company and now what? You can't retire because you don't have anyone to run it. Your children went in other directions and no one in your organization can replace you. We have solutions for either buyout or bring in the management team to allow you to take that much needed long vacation. Give us a call to learn more.
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What is My Company Worth?

It is time to retire and you need to sell your company. What now? The first thing you need to determine is what is it worth. We have experience in selling companies and determining the value. Many times the value depends on the exit strategy. A public offering can provide you the most money but many companies are not big enough or have enough experience to do a public offering and you leaving the company would either keep it form happening or depress the value. In most instances you will be doing a private sale. Let us do a preliminary evaluation and assist you through the sale process.

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