What is the Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The following is taken directly from the the Kahler Communication website. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the non-clinical communication and management methodology derived from Dr. Kahler's research. PCM can be used in every aspect of one's life, in every personal and business interaction.

At the core of PCM training is learning to identify another person's primary, or "Base" personality type, primarily through the language that he or she uses, and the unique communication styles, psychological needs, behaviors and other characteristics of each of the six personality types. With this knowledge, PCM can be used:

to engender a feeling of connection and rapport in others;
to identify the most effective style of communicating with someone - the specific words, tones, gestures, postures and facial expressions that are most likely to result in a productive interaction;
to ascertain a person's primary psychological needs and motivations and to use that knowledge to predict and influence his or her actions and decisions;
to understand the genesis of distress and how to avoid situations and behaviors that are likely to lead to it;
to recognize the speech patterns and behaviors that signal impending distress;
to predict and identify a person's distress behaviors; and
to implement targeted distress intervention tactics.
PCM training and consulting services are provided exclusively through a network of authorized trainers who have been trained, evaluated and certified by a PCM Master Trainer. Each Master Trainer has studied with Dr. Kahler to ensure that a uniform standard of competence is maintained among all PCM trainers worldwide. Certified PCM trainers are the only non-clinicians with the ability to administer the PERSONALITY PATTERN INVENTORY and to obtain the profiles and seminars based on its output.

Use the form on the right and select United States to see a list of all KCI certified trainers in the United States. Outside of the United States, KCI has established a network of organizations and certified trainers to provide PCM consulting and training to persons and businesses within their geographies. Please use the form on the right to find a trainer in your area. Please contact our office directly for services outside the U.S. or the geographies listed in the sidebar.

For more information please go to their website at Kahler Communications

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