Cash in the Bank

Are you having trouble establishing a banking relationship? We have solutions.

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  1. I met Alex last night at Prism House in Portland. while with Eric from WoodTraQR. I really enjoyed hearing about the concentrates that haven’t passed in labs and his view point from a Chemistry perspective. He was very nice down to earth gent.

    Our Oregon and Denver team have learned quite a bit in the industry over the past few years through watching our clients. Also using our internal lesson and internal business growth tactics that spread our licensing of P.E.O. ie: (professional employer organization) services into a few legal states since our inception. I share because one area no one in the industry has figured out without any hitches across all legal states is banking. We have worked hard to create a banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions that enable us to run payroll through for our scattered client base. However we are always open to learning more and in certain situations, share our own baking wins.

    At worst, I’m confident our firms can find a way to share mutual referrals. (We have a partner agreement, that allow us to share residual commissions for the life of clients referred – for most of our services. I’m happy to email that if it is of interest.) I commend your family for using their internal unique gifts to niche in and manifest

    Warm Regards,

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