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To minimize taxes, you need to implement a tax strategies. We have ideas that might work for you.

Structured Settlements Company

Structured Settlements Company (SSC) Brief Overview Structured Settlements are a complex annuity product that is marketed through a small number of individuals. It is only used when there is a contract between two parties.   Situation SSC wanted to expand its market.   Why Goff Associates, Inc. (GAI)? GAI has substantial experience in designing marketing…
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Installment Sales Program

Major Manufacturer (MM): Installment Sales Program. Brief Overview The MM Tax attorneys had determined MM could defer revenue recognition of the sale of equipment to dealers by restructuring the sale as an installment sale. MM had been providing reimbursement of floor plan interest to the dealers for years. With the deferral of revenue, MM’s taxes…
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Like Kind Exchange Program

Major Manufacturer (MM): Like Kind Exchange Program Brief Overview Major manufacturers typically establish finance programs for their products. In many instances, they will establish a leasing program. One of the advantages of leasing equipment is the tax advantage generated by depreciation. Since depreciation is typically accelerated as compared to the actually devaluation of an asset,…
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