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Does your company need help obtaining a Banking Relationship?

Banks Can Take Deposits from Companies in the Cannabis industry.

Banking is a problem in the Cannabis Industry but the problem is not that banks can not take deposits. The problem is bankers don't want to. This has caused a general dislike if not anger toward bankers by people in the cannabis¬†industry. I have heard many people in both the banking industry and cannabis industry…
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Bank Offering Circular

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Attached is a bank offering circular we put together for a bank specializing in lending to professionals. [embeddoc url="" download="all"] [/mp_span] [/mp_row]
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Board Fight

Board Fight Brief Overview Boards of Directors have a fiduciary duty to do what is best for the shareholders. Even if they make bad decisions, they can usually hide behind the claim that it was in their best business judgment. Shareholders that lose money on an investment can sue the directors, if the shareholders can…
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