Bank Investment Products

Bank Investment Products

Brief Overview

A community bank had customers that wanted investment, insurance and trust products.



Although the bank wanted to provide these products to their customers, they had no experience in how to find or implement the services.


Why Goff Associates, Inc. (GAI)?

GAI has substantial experience with banks and their internal workings. Additionally, GAI has experience with investment products and services.



GAI performed an industry search to identify the best company to assist the bank in providing the services required. The investment and insurance products were obtained from one of the world’s largest providers of financial services products that provided an impressive array of products. GAI designed and implanted the policies and procedures required to support the program and identified cross-selling opportunities within the bank that immediately generated additional fee income.


Regarding trust services, GAI interviewed a substantial number of trust companies to determine who could best provide the service. Once identified, GAI assisted in the negotiation of the agreement. GAI also assisted in obtaining the employees necessary to market and service the program and developed a business plan that showed at what level of business, the bank should consider bringing the business in house.


The end result was a full array of financial products the bank could offer thereby improving customer satisfaction and generate significant additional fee income. The fee income projected for the third year after implementation was over $2.0 million


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