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Board Fight

Board Fight Brief Overview Boards of Directors have a fiduciary duty to do what is best for the shareholders. Even if they make bad decisions, they can usually hide behind the claim that it was in their best business judgment. Shareholders that lose money on an investment can sue the directors, if the shareholders can…
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Transportation Company

Transportation Company (TC) Brief Overview The limousine industry is extremely competitive. Customers are always looking for the next “In” vehicle. For example, the stretch Hummer generated a lot of excitement when initially introduced. They commanded premium pricing and were constantly in demand. As the excitement for the Hummer faded, the industry is looking for the…
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Truck Manufacturing Company

Truck Manufacturing Company (TMC) Brief Overview Specialty trucks can be a very lucrative business but are not without risks particularly in the start up phase because of the substantial fixed cost.   Situation TMC, a specialty truck manufacturer with just over $1.2 million in revenue, wanted to take it business to the next level. To…
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